Happy Hump Day

Well Hello! Happy Hump Day.

Few things we want to keep on your front burner as we count down the days to our 2022 season.

The season starts April 20.

Calling Junior Parents! – Proposal to revise start times for Juniors
As we continue to grow in youth participation, we’re seeing the need for even more time and space for our Junior racers. In a nut-shell, we want to move up the Kids and most Junior races by about 45min earlier in the day. This will allow our youngsters more space and open trail for racing. We are expecting even more youth participation in 2022. It makes sense to us but this needs to work for everyone. Please take a minute to fill out this short Survey.

Teams can register using one account
This isn’t really news but we wanted to bring this to folks attention.
If you are part of a larger team and wish to open a “Team Account” you can do that. Simply create a new account using whatever email you chose. Using this account, sign in and purchase a ‘Race Pass’ of your choice (Remember, Juniors over 15 are considered Adults). If there is a team member that wants to use the team account instead of their individual account, simply sign in with the team account and “Register Someone Else”. Follow the steps for each rider profile and submit. Each racer still needs their own Timing Tube and Bib Number. Riders are still scored individually. If your team has a mix of Juniors and Adults, you may want to create two separate accounts for each age appropriate ‘Race Pass’.

Registration happens on Webscorer.

Bringing back the High Mileage Club
***Update, we are moving the Jersey deadline to March 1st ***
All Adult and Junior Season Passes sold between now and March 1st will receive a FREE High Mileage custom jersey from Voler Apparel valued at over $65. After March 1, these will not be made available. Additionally, Season Passes save 15% on reg costs. Pretty nice incentive.

That’s mostly it!
Look for a formal announcement regarding MFG Cyclocross and race news from our new company Off-Camber Productions. We will also begin to plan a few work parties at SeaTac Park later in March.

Happy spring riding –
The Wed Night Crew

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