April 13 Pre-Reg Party

It’s time!
Time to get our butts in gear for the 2022 season of Wednesday Night Worlds!

Wednesday, April 13 we will host a pre-reg, pre-ride and trail work party from 5-9pm. Our goals here are to get as many people registered and chipped in to our computers as possible. Secondary to that is to ride bikes with friends and throw a little elbow grease into the trails. This is not a race. There is no registration other than your RSVP. There is no timing and no set course. This is a gathering of friends. And did we say, FREE PIZZA AND BEER.


Wednesday, April 13 from 5-9pm at North Seatac Park, same location you find registration every week. Bring your bike, your timing tube (if you have one) and a smile.


This is your chance to skip the lines on opening night April 20th. Gather up your timing tubes and come pick up your season bib number. Get your kids dialed in too. Once you have those things done and are registered for the first series race, you are good to go. Just go to the start line on the 20th. Encourage all your friends to do the same!


For anyone interested, we will offer a couple of pre-ride laps of the opening night’s course. This is a great opportunity for first time racers to see what the trails here are all about. If you’re interested in joining an organized scouting lap, come to the reg tent and sync up with one of our WNW volunteers. If you miss a group rolling out just be patient there will be another one.

Trail Work:

As always, the park could use a little TLC. If you would like to contribute to the condition of our trails, please bring a garden or metal rake for cleaning trail surfaces. Power tools are great (think leave blower) but depending on weather, a hand rake may be more effective. The primary goal here is to get large debris like pinecones, dead leaves and loose rocks off the trails. We will have complementary pizza slices for anyone who attends as well as a well-stocked cooler of Dru Bru.

Please RSVP for this so we can plan accordingly on our Facebook event or via email at wednight@offcamber.bike. Bring your mom–we’ll get her on a bike.

Questions? Contact wednight@chrisoffcamber

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