Weds Night Countdown – 5 Days 😍

Hey, we are 5 days to race time!

Yeah… still feels a bit like winter–it’s not. It’s time to get this season rolling. If you haven’t yet, get that mountain bike out and lube up that chain.

If you came to our pre-reg party and registered for the race this week, thank you! You are good to go! If you didn’t make the pre-reg party, read on… 

1) Haven’t purchased your Season Pass, 10 Race Pass or 5 Race Pass yet? (Yes, it’s finally time to finally buy that season pass you’ve been thinking about). You can still do that now.  You’ll save a few bucks and when it’s raining out and your motivation is waning, the Season Pass might just be the motivation you need… Buy a Pass in advance on Webscorer.

2) PRE-REGISTER for Wednesday’s race
You have to register for each race to add your name to the start list for that race, even if you pre-purchased a Season Pass or 5/10 Race Pass. We do not offer walk-up registration. Please use your personal device to register prior to arriving. It takes about 2 minutes online. Register HERE or use any of the Webscorer buttons in this email. 

3) PRO Tip – Verify your Timing Number
…yeah, this is task is a little more advanced but if you got through 5th grade you can probably handle it. If you don’t have a timing tube or are completely confused, skip this step, get to the race early and head to the registration–we have nice people who can help you. If you have a timing tube you’ve used in the past you can use your old tube. It’s probably already in our system, but you need to make sure the 5 digit number on the tube matches what we have in our system. After you register for the race and find your tube, please open the April 20th START LIST and look for the number next to your name under “Chip ID”. The Timing Number is a 5 digit number inside the center of the tube. If the two numbers match, you are good to go! If not, bring your tube to registration and we’ll take care of it. 

4) ALL racers need a new Bib Number. This is the number plate that affixes to your handlebars and that you tape to the wall in your bike-cave after the season is over. You have to pick these up in person. It will take a minute for us to enter this Bib number in the system. 

5) Arrive early wearing your patience hat
We have hundreds of folks to get through PRE-REG on the first night. We’ll be there early with a smile and so you should too. Please arrive early and smile. 

New Merch & High Mileage Jerseys!

We have all new merch this year with some fun surprises. Hats, t-shirts, hoodies, socks and this season we have water bottles (yo! can’t wait to get mine 🙂 But you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the water bottles–we think they might be stuck in the Suez Canal. 

If you bought a Season Pass before March 1, you are the lucky recipient of our High Mileage Jersey–sweet new design this year. Come pick it up Wednesday. 

New WNW Pints!

These will be made available on-site only. Buy a pint, get a free fill each time you show up. Have a few of these, already? Give your old one to your grandma–she’ll love it. 

That’s all for now folks! Please help us help you get all this dialed in before opening night. The more we can do prior to opening night the easier it’ll all flow for us. 

– The Wed Night crew

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