Week 4: Perfect Night for XC RAcing

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Week 4

Perfect night for racing, tonight! Come out and enjoy hero dirt under the roaring jets of N Seatac Park. We’re stocked with Dru Bru beers and some seltzers for those who prefer. Tacos El Guero will be back this week for some tasty Mexican. 

If you haven’t joined us yet this season, time to get it in gear and get out there! We’ve missed you. Tonight will be perfect. 

Free WNWC Novice XC Race Clinics

Woot! Woot! This year we are offering two race clinics for people new to racing mountain bikes. We will give you an introduction to the courses at Weds Night Worlds, how races work, some racing tips and answer any questions you might have.

If you’ve never raced before, we’ll waive your registration for the race the day of the clinic.

The clinic is intended to show people how approachable our Weds Night Series is and how, if you join us, Wednesday could become the best day of your week. The clinics will be taught by Julie Robertson Zivin and Chris Rodde.

Here are the dates:

June 1- 4-5pm at N Seatac Park – WOMEN/TRANS/FEMME ONLY Novice XC Race Clinic taught by Julie Robertson Zivin

June 29 – 4-5pm at N Seatac Park – Novice XC Race Clinic taught by Julie Robertson Zivin and Chris Rodde 

Please spread the word about this clinic! This is the perfect chance to invite your friends who’ve been considering joining you at WNWC (and your Mom… bring her too).  

Register here

Seatac Bike Life Water Bottles

We’ve got Seatac Bike Life Water Bottles! You know you’ve been waiting for one of these and now we have them. 

They are great for water or whiskey, whichever you prefer. $12 and it’s yours. Pick one up today.  

Changing Tents

We have a couple of changing tents that are available to anyone to change in or out of your kit. Please feel free to use them. 

Good Luck to Seattle XC & CX Prodigy Jack Spranger

Our very own Jack Spranger is racing in Europe this week. Jack spent his youth duking it out with his friends at Weds Night Worlds, MFG CX and Cross Revolution races. Now he’s racing on the World Cup Mountain Biking circuit. Jack raced at Albstadt, Germany last weekend and is racing this coming weekend at Nové Město in the Czech Republic.

Good luck Jack! 

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