Sixteen mountain bike races at N Seatac Park starting April 19, 2023.

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Wednesday. Hump Day.

Join us and Wednesday will become your favorite day of the week.

You will sweat, laugh, dig deep (or not), wipe the dust from your teeth, share a beverage and connect with your best friends. If you don’t know anyone, you soon will, and our community might become your new home.

Anyone can join us. If you can ride a beach cruiser (or a Peloton), you can ride our courses. We design them for all abilities so that anyone can race. Though if you are gunning to become the next Kate Courtney (super awesome pro mountain biker), you’ll find the competition you need.

Wednesday Night World Championships is held nearly every Wednesday from April to August in North Seatac Park. The courses change every week, but you’ll eventually get to know every corner and bump. Depending on your category, races are from 1-4 laps long and take between 30 & 60 minutes.

Bring your mug and beach chair to share a beverage and some grub after. Between the roar of planes landing at Seatac, you might laugh more than you did all week.


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