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April 12 Pre-reg event, course preview, no racing. 5:30-7:30pm
April 19WNWC 2023 Season Opener
April 26WNWC #2 – Free XC Racing Clinic
May 3WNWC #3 – Free XC Racing Clinic
May 10WNWC #4 – Best Day Brewing(Non-Alcoholic) on site – Free samples! – Free XC Racing Clinic
May 17 WNWC #5 – Free XC Racing Clinic
May 24WNWC #6 – WA Student Cycling League Night
June 7WNWC #7
June 14WNWC #8
June 21WNWC #9 – Free XC Racing Clinic
June 28WNWC #10 – POC/Leading Edge Sports Promo
July 12WNWC #11
July 19 WNWC #12
July 26WNWC #13 – Team Booger Surprise
August 2WNWC #14
August 9WNWC #15


Register for all our races on Webscorer

  • You register yourself for each race on your own phone or computer. Pay online in advance or use your Season Pass or 6-Pack to pay. 
  • If you have a SEASON PASS or 6-Pack you still need to register for each race. Do this on Webscorer. Season Pass holders… pro tip… you can register for all races for the season all at once. 
  • After you are registered for the race, once and only once, before your very first race of the season, you need to come to registration and pick up your number plate for the season AND either use a timing tube from past years or pick one up from us ($10). If you have a timing tube bring it with you to registration.  
  • If you’ve already registered for the race and paid either online or with your Season Pass or 6-Pack, AND if you’ve picked up your number plate & timing tube, you are all set! You don’t need to come to registration ever again, unless of course you just want to tell us how awesome we are… Just get pedaling.  
  • Online registration for each race remains open until 15min before each wave start. Don’t be late!
  • Registration pays for rider insurance, medical personnel, park rental fees, RFID timing, online registration/results and website, fake moustaches, sparkly tights, race numbers, toilets and our wonderful staff and crew!


Single RaceSeason Pass6 Race Pack
Adults (19+)$30$400 ($5 off)$165 ($2.50 off)
Juniors (10-18)$15$200 ($2.50 off)$82 ($1.50 off)
Kids (6-9)FREE!NANA
  • All racers need a $10 timing tube (excluding KIDS). This is a one-time cost. You buy and you own it. Most of you probably have one already if you race bikes around here.
  • First time racers race for FREE! Yup… if it’s your first race at WNWC, you pay nothing, except you may leave some sweat on course. Come to registration and we’ll get you rolling for free. 😃
  • Webscorer registration fee not included in prices above.

Start Times

Our races are a time trial format meaning that your time starts when you cross the start line and ends when you cross the finish. Start times are approximate. We send 6-8 riders at a time in ~15 sec intervals. Kids races start at the finish line arch. Adult and Junior starts use the pavement or grass field depending on course direction.

5:00 PMKids (6-9yr)shorter lap
5:15 PMLittle Juniors (10-12)
Cat 4 Juniors (16-18) & (13-15)
Adult Beginners
1 lap
2 laps
2 laps
6:00 PMCat 3 Adults, Single Speed, Cat 3 Juniors (16-18) & (13-15)
Cat 4 Adults
3 laps
2 laps
7:00 PMCat 1 Adults, Juniors (16-18)
Cat 2 Adults, Juniors (16-18) & (13-15)
4 laps
3 laps


Races are held in North Seatac Park. 13699 18th Ave S, SeaTac, WA 98168, USA

Categories & aWARDS

All categories are self-selected. Please see our upgrade policy if you’ve regularly been a top finisher in your category (or were last year).

Awards are granted after the season finale based on points earned in the best 10 of 16 races. Adult and Junior points go 40 deep, Kids 15 deep.

CategoryDescriptionAward Class
Cat 1These people are really fast. This is similar to an elite or expert field. 4 laps.Women
Junior 16-18 girls
Junior 16-18 boys
Junior 16-18 non-binary
Cat 2This folks are super fast as well, but haven’t yet built up the confidence to race as a Cat 1. Expert rider, faster sport rider, or aging hero field. 3 laps.Women
Junior 16-18 girls
Junior 16-18 boys
Junior 16-18 non-binary
Junior 13-15 girls
Junior 13-15 boys
Junior 13-15 non-binary
Cat 3This is for strong sport riders, or if your bedtime doesn’t allow you to race at 7pm. 3 laps. Women
Single Speed Women
Single Speed Men
Single Speed Non-binary
Junior 16-18 girls
Junior 16-18 boys
Junior 16-18 non-binary
Junior 13-15 girls
Junior 13-15 boys
Junior 13-15 non-binary
Cat 4These are novice racers. No experience necessary! Really, you don’t need special skills, except you do need a bike. 1 and 2 laps. Women
Junior 16-18 girls
Junior 16-18 boys
Junior 16-18 non-binary
Junior 13-15 girls
Junior 13-15 boys
Junior 13-15 non-binary
Little J 10-12 boys
Little J 10-12 girls
Little J 10-12 non-binary
Adult BeginnerIf you are new to our scene or unsure which category you land in, jump in the beginner class! 5:15 start, 2 laps, mixed in with our Juniors. This category is not part of our overall series. None
Kids 9 & underAge 6-9 yrs old and race a shortened lap. The Kids race does not use timing chips and is FREE!9 & under girls
9 & under boys

Racing age is the kid’s age on the day of the race. (Let us know if it’s their birthday and we’ll give them a shout out) 😉

Team Competition

For the first time ever, we have a team competition at WNWC!

Here is how the team points work… We look across every category and every team and count the top 5 scores for each team member for each team. We use the same points calc as explained above for individual points, and then add up the top five points scorers for each team for that week. We aggregate weeks to get to the season leaders. 

Be sure that all of your team members select your team when they register for each race on Webscorer.

Get your teammates off the couch!


Results are available on Webscorer immediately following each race (we try to post them faster than it takes to scrub the dirt off your neck). The Webscorer app is the easiest way to get results–install Webscorer from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

On Site

  • Food! Tacos El Guero is back again, alternating Mexican food options with American food options.
  • Mechanic support from Gerks Ski and Cycle.
  • Wed Night Merch for sale at our tents.


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Code of Conduct. We have a Code of Conduct. Read it!

Upgrade Policy. Crushing your competition? Might be time to move to the next higher category.

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