Wednesday Night Worlds is run by Off Camber Productions.

Born in the late 80’s at the Black Diamond Trails, “Wick” and his brother “Stiff” created the series under “Stiff Wick Productions”.

A few years later, WNWC moved to South SeaTac/Des Moines Creek Park where it remained for about 20 years. Sometime around 2010, a detention center was put on the property and the races were forced to move to North SeaTac Park.

Russell Stevenson picked up the event and resurrected the series in 2014. Since then, Weds Night Worlds has grown to become an iconic Seattle area bike racing institution.

In Dec 2021, Russ teamed up with the rest of the crew at Off Camber Productions and merged Weds Night Worlds with MFG Cyclocross into one company. We aim to grow bike racing in the Pacific Northwest.

Weds Night Crew

Russell Stevenson

Russell Stevenson is the Race Director of WNWC. Russell is a World and National Champion cyclocrosser who mostly rides bikes with motors now. Don’t let his fancy credentials fool you–he makes a great playlist and won’t let you take this all too seriously.

We have a fine crew who will make you smile as you cross the finish line.