Upgrade Policy

What? WNWC finally has an upgrade policy?!…. Yup. Read on…  

The guidelines below are self-enforced and community-enforced. That means we will not be monitoring results and calling folks out. Rather, it’s up to you to know this policy and follow it. And if you feel someone is grossly in need of an upgrade and they are ignoring this policy, please let us know. We’ll either discreetly suggest to them to upgrade or call them out on the start line, to publicly shame them. We’re not sure yet. 😉

With all that, here are the WNWC upgrade guidelines:  

  • If you were top 3 season standings in a category in the previous season, upgrade to the next highest category for the following season.  
  • If your lap/race times are in the top 10 of the next highest category, then you are equally competitive and should probably CAT up (…meaning move up to the next category). We understand that some of you are racing to win the season standings, so this applies more to folks who are not racing every week.
  • If you are new to the races, and you are winning by a huge margin, then CAT UP! It may take a few weeks to figure out where you fit but, your first category choice may not be the right one.