3 Weeks Until WNWC Season Opener

In this post:

  • Pre-Registration instructions
  • New merch
  • High Mileage Jerseys

We are 3 weeks to race time!

Let’s get you prepared and ready to rock on April 20th.

We do not offer walk-up registration. Please use your personal device to register prior to arriving. This should take about 90sec online. Register at Webscorer.

2) Race Passes are NOT Registrations
Remember folks, a Race Pass is not a registration. It is a payment method at checkout when you register. To all of you who purchased a season pass, 5 or 10 rack pack, please register asap, follow the prompts and select “Race Pass” at checkout. You must be signed into your Webscorer account.

3) Verify your Timing Number
With or without a Race Pass, once you are registered, please verify your Timing Chip number. If you are totally new to racing, you’ll need to pick one of these up at registration–they cost $10 and are yours to keep. If you have raced in Washington, you probably have one–they are the plastic “Timing Tubes” and they work at most MTB and cross races. You probably have 1-4 of these in your gear bag or still on your helmet. Instead of buying another, take a minute to find the one in the bottom of your bike bag. Once you find your tube, please open the April 20th START LIST to verify that’s the number next to your name under “Chip ID”. It’s a 5 digit number inside the center of the tube.


  • If the number in the start list matches the 5 digits on your Timing Tube, you’re good to go. Affix it to you helmet and show up for your bib number. You are PRO!
  • If there is no Chip ID number next to your name in the start list or if the number on your tube doesn’t match the number in the system, email us the number at wednight@offcamber.bike and we will key it in for you. This saves TONS of time on opening night if we can get that number loaded prior.

That’s a lot to remember! But it’s all SUPER important for ease and flow on opening night.

4) ALL racers need a new Bib Number. This is the number plate that affixes to your handle bars and get refreshed each year. You have to pick these up in person.

5) Arrive early wearing your patience hat
The worst thing someone can do on April 20th is arrive with nothing prepared 10min before their race start. Not cool! Everyone working under the tent is there to help you and about 200 of your closest friends. We need to get Bib Numbers and verify timing chips for every racer. It’ll take a minute. Please be patient. Please do what you can from the above procedures prior to arriving. Love you 😉

New WNW Pints!

These will be made available on-site only. Buy a pint, get a free fill each time you show up. Do your old pints still work for a fill? Yes they do. But these are so hot right now… we think you should refresh your stock. Give your old one to your grandma–she’ll love it.

High Mileage Jerseys are coming

For those of you who qualify, your tight new Voler Apparel High Mileage jersey’s will be in a box under the reg tent with your name on it. Just ask someone official. Want to see the new design? Sorry, we’re keeping that under wraps….

That’s all for now folks! Please help us help you get all this dialed in before opening night. The more we can do prior to opening night the easier it’ll all flow for us.

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